Pocket PC Summit Photos

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I posted a handful of pictures from the Pocket PC Summit event in Philadelphia last week. Expect captions by this afternoon. A few of these photos were taken at Iron Chef Morimoto Masaharu’s excellent restaurant. (Morimoto is the Japanese chef of the show and my favorite). The restaurant is only a few blocks from where the event was held, so I got a big group of us to walk over and have dinner there one night. Take a look at the very well done Flash site for the restaurant. This is a good example of a nice clean and appealing, easy to navigate design. I also just happened to have taken a Dim-Sum cooking class on Sunday with another excellent local Philly Chef, who specializes in Asian Fusion, Joseph Poon. His site uses just a tad of Flash for an intro, but take my word for it, they are both amazing chefs. Take a look at the photos I took from the Pocket PC Summit show here.


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